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Another big project is underway, and it’s tiny!

I’ve been thinking for a while that I would like to get back into mini crochet and I’ve struggled finding any inspiration. It’s usually so damn fiddly you have to make sure you really want to do it before you start, otherwise it’s too easy to just give up!

I have always loved the African flower creations from HeidiBears and I bought the pattern for a cute and cuddly dinosaur from her a while ago, but I am yet to make it.

Until now! 😀

I cannot put into words how much I love her and her designs. How she thinks them up and how all the individual pieces fit so neatly, it just amazes me. What a mind she must have! And everyone loves them, they make such a good present as they are cute and colourful, but also really personal! I’ve made quite a few of them to date, and I’ve heard nothing but nice things. I urge you to check out her other designs!

Previously I have written about my experience making the Thandi Rhino pattern, but I have also made the dragon, hippo, and owl (which I didn’t think to take a photo of at the time – he was a present!).

But those creations were used with a 2.00mm hook and 4ply wool, which still created a fairly huge animal! This time around I’m scaling down quite considerably…

A flower motif at the same stage, the left in 4ply and the right in embroidery thread.

So that is my new and exciting project, to make a fantastic new dinosaur creature (Plod the African flower triceratops) using 0.60mm hook, embroidery thread, and a magnifying lamp! I believe it has been done before so it’s hardly ground breaking, but for me it will be the biggest thing I’ve ever made in miniature… Honestly, check out the pattern, he already looks cute full size. Hopefully he will look just as adorable, maybe more so, when tiny!


My magnifying lamp has been amazing; incredibly it makes things to much easier to see! I know that is completely obvious, but I didn’t realise just how much of a difference it would make until I started using it. I got mine last year from a well-known crafts shop here in the UK, which sadly seems to have discontinued the exact model (found on this website for those interested). It cost me about £25.00, and I’m sure there are plenty of good quality ones out there that can be picked up for the same price or less!

So that’s it from me, for now. I’ll try and keep you updated as I -plod- along 😀 (the pattern is called Plod…)
With it being so tiny I’m sure it will take me a few months to finish him, but I will share my progress from time to time and show him off when he’s done.

Victoria x


4 thoughts on “Another big project is underway, and it’s tiny!

    1. Hi! Thank you! Yeah they’re fab aren’t they! I love making them, and the patterns are so easy to follow, I know quite a few people that have also made projects from HeidiBears she is just so talented! You should give mini crochet a go, it isn’t as difficult as you would think, and everyone thinks it’s really impressive! Hehe! x

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