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Chunky fabric crochet

Super chunky crochet is something I know has been, and still is very popular. Unfortunately, I am skint and therefore can’t afford any nice chunky wools or fabric yarns – boo!

Instead, I’ve been making my own from old bed sheets – not as nice but just as effective and fun to make!

How, you ask?

Well, let me show you. First, acquire a sheet; preferably one you already own and don’t mind ripping up (please don’t steal one, and don’t ‘borrow’ someone else’s and give it back to them in a new crochet form, that just isn’t cool!).

If it has a skirt edge like the one I am using, cut the thread and proceed to rip the two halves apart.

Once the skirt is removed, you can start by making an incision roughly 3 fingers width from the edge of the sheet. Follow this cut right down the length of your sheet trying to stay roughly in a straight line. STOP before you get to the end!!!!

Leave a gap, roughly 3 fingers width, from the end of your strip. Flip the material, make a new incision, and continue along the next strip – not cutting all the way to the end!

I like to ball up the fabric after each completed row, just to keep things from knotting too much. It’s that simple! You can experiment making different thicknesses by cutting your sheet in different widths.

And there you have it! Your very own fabric yarn. You can crochet it just like regular yarn, but you will need to use larger hooks.

I made the basket below just for putting things in, and is currently used for keeping packets of crisps in the cupboard! I used a cream sheet, and a brown, cream, and green duvet cover. I used some of it to make this, and the rest went on a big wool store basket I made for my Mum. Both were made using a 12mm crochet hook. I kept mine quite rustic with all the squareish ends poking out, both me and my boyfriend quite like its roughness, but you can make them neater by poking in all the ends!


I’d love to see any of your creations or fun ideas using fabric yarns, so please send me a message or leave a comment down below.

Victoria x


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