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Santa paws is coming!

Okay, I know I’m a few months early (or a few months late depending on how you look at it!) but I am going Christmas themed again.

I am very aware that I haven’t posted anything in a while, and I am sorry about that. You can blame my friend Amy. She got married in March and I spent the first three months of the year baking as I agreed to make the wedding cake! But all went well and they are now living happily ever after.

Since then I have pretty much only been working on these; dog paw Christmas stockings!

I work for a well known dog rescue charity in the UK and we are constantly trying to think of ways to fund raise as well as collect things to sell at our fairs and fun days. I usually bake cakes, but for our Christmas fair one of the girls had bought little snowmen bags and filled each with treats and toys to sell as Christmas stockings for dogs. What a great idea! So of course I pounced on it, started searching the internet for what was already out there and came across this pattern. I really liked it, and made one as soon as possible, but thought it didn’t really look like a dog paw… for a start the indentation for the centre pad is upside down! So I used that pattern for the actual stocking, but came up with my own pads and bone patterns.

For this project I use a 5.00mm crochet hook, and any old DK yarn (seems to roughly take 50g per stocking). The stocking is made in two halves that are sewn together, but I personally prefer to crochet the edges together, I think it gives it a nice finish and involves much less sewing! I’ve also made one or two in smaller hook sizes and they look adorable! But you can’t fit as much in there, and as we all know Christmas is all about the presents!




st – stitch
ch – chain
sc – single crochet
dc – double crochet
tc – triple crochet
inc – increase
dec – decrease


I personally love the magic ring method, and use it in almost every pattern. If you’re unfamiliar you can see the very tutorial I used here, or go with the chain 2 method.

Centre pad:

  1. Magic ring 15 tc (15)
  2. Ch 3 tc, inc tc, tc, dc, inc dc, dc, inc tc 3, dc, inc dc, dc, tc, inc, tc, tc, ch 3 from the top of the last tc and slip st into the last space (25)

Toe pads (make 4):

  1. Magic ring 6 (6)
  2. Inc, inc, inc dc x2 (12)
  3. Slip st and cut, leave tail to attach


  1. Ch 13, sc 11, 3 sc in the last st, sc 10, 2 sc in the last st.
  2. Sc 11 *dc, 3 tc, dc* in the next, sc, *dc, 3 tc, dc* in the next, sc 10, *dc, 3 tc, dc* in the next st, *dc, 3 tc, dc* in the next st, sc
  3. Cast off and leave a tail to attach

I hope you have as much fun as I did making these! And why not make some to donate to your local animal shelter? I’m sure they’d be incredibly grateful, and so will the dogs!

But I must go as I have many more to make before Christmas comes and the fun is beginning to ware off now…

Victoria x




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