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Christmas jumper crisis!

Ugh, Christmas time again! Now I don’t want to come across as a complete scrooge, but I find Christmas overall to be a bit stressful. I like the day overall, but I’m too much of a disorganised person to have the run up to the big day run smoothly.

It always catches me by surprise how quickly time passes in December, and one day I found myself getting ready for my works Christmas party and found that I don’t own a Christmas jumper! How may you ask? Well I’ve always found it odd to spend money on a jumper that you are only permitted to wear for a few days once a year. So with five hours to go and no transport to shops I found myself turning to my box of wool to see what I could cobble together.

Okay, lets be honest, who has just one box of wool?! But After a few minutes I gathered together some Christmassy colours and sat around trying to find some inspiration. I knew I wouldn’t be able to make a jumper from scratch in four and a half hours (no one accept my Mum could possibly knit that fast!) so I had to adapt a jumper I already had. I chose a knitted jumper that I had bought years ago as it already had holes in it as part of the design, which would make good anchorage points and wouldn’t show if the wool left marks in the fabric.

A Christmas tree was the idea I went with, as I only needed to make a simple shape and design which would be easily recognisable and fundamentally Christmassy. I quickly made seven green strips, working from the bottom up making the second slightly shorter than the first, and the third smaller than the second and so on. Then, for ease of time, I tacked the edges onto my jumper using a basic runners stitch to set the outline as boldly as I could. The top and bottom of each strip hangs freely away from the jumper, but with the strip above over hanging the bottom slightly it creating a rather pleasing cascading look. Then I made baubles by making three trebble crochets in one stitch, then decreasing all three and casting off. And finally the star atop the tree was crudely sewn on in a rough star shape, as by this point I was quickly running out of time!

I know that five hours seems like a lot, and the end product seems a bit rough and ready, but I also had to have a shower, do my hair and things.. and as I’ve said before, my organisational skills aren’t the best.

But luckily everyone seemed to like it and ultimately it passed as a Christmas jumper! I’d like to say I’ll be better prepared for next year, but knowing me I’ll be writing another post about my next improvised jumper!

Victoria x




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