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Colour blending in crochet

So recently I’ve begun a secret project that will involve one colour blending into another. Although I have often done this with knitting I haven’t ever tried to create this look in crochet – until now!

My first challenge was to change the normal crochet technique from a continual spiral to each individual row. The spiral really shows where one colour starts and ends as there is that tell tale stepped edge.

But there is a technique out there that removes this as an issue, the straight and invisible seam. There are some great tutorials out there, I used the tutorial from Crochet Ever After to get started. By using an invisible, straight seam in the round you can change colour without there being a noticeable and jagged edge.

Next comes the actual colour change itself. I’m not rich by any means, so buying multiple balls of coloured wool to use as the gradient change would be too costly for me (and I’m running out of storage space as it is!). Instead, I went with a very basic, and cheap, version. My colour change method involves cutting lengths of each of your two colours, separating the strands, mixing them into different colour ratios, and crocheting with them.

Normal colour change technique
Changing between two colours, single stranded
Changing between colours, single and double stranded

I began to crochet with the blue wool just as it was, then cut a length and separated the wool into its three component strands. I also did this with the pink wool and mixed one strand of pink with the two of blue, and the remaining blue strand with the two pink strands. I then colour changed from the solid blue to the blue with one strand of pink. Then I changed to the other mixed strand, and lastly used the solid pink. The granular effect you can see works quite well I think. Sort of reminds me of television static…

The last photo was my comparison between crocheting with single strands and double strands. So for the double I began with the solid blue but using the tail from both the outside and inside of the ball at the same time to create a double thickness. Using the same technique as before, I added the slightly pink mixed strand with the solid blue, changed to both mixed coloured strands, then to the slightly blue with solid pink, and finally into solid pink. Though a lot thicker and bulkier, using two ends of wool at the same time allows for a more gradual change.

So that is it! Thanks for making it to the end of the post. Please let me know what you think of this technique and share any projects that you have made in this way! If you are having problems please leave me a message and I’ll try my best to help you out.

Victoria x


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