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Thandi Rhino

This is Thandi, the Afrian flower crochet rhino.

This pattern is from the incredibly talented  Heidi Bears. Whilst studying BSc Animal Management at Sparshot College, I stumbled across Thandi the rhino and her story. She is a survivor of rhino poaching, and not only was she able to make a full recovery, but she’s now had her own calf! As a course we decided to get involved in her charity – Thandi’s fund raiser – to raise money to help protect rhinos in South Africa. After emailing Heidi Bears and checking I wasn’t infringing her copyright, I made this Thandi to raffle off on a college open day. Unsurprisingly she received a lot of love and we raised a lot of money for her and her rhino friends!

Just goes to show how amazing people can be in the face of adversity, and how a small project can help to protect wildlife. If you are at all interested in making something to raise money for charity and are stuck for ideas or finding it hard to begin, please feel free to drop me a line and we could create something fantastic!

Victoria x

(I must apologise for the unprofessional state of these photos, at the time I didn’t imagine I’d be putting them on a blog!)


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