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Fun Fiddle Mitts

This is a relatively recent campaign by the NHS to provide comfort and entertainment for hospitalised patients suffering with dementia. The idea is for crafters like you and me to create mittens that are both colourful and interactive, through the types of stitch used and embellishments such as buttons and ribbons. The fiddle mitts help dementia patients cope with the stresses they may face whilst being in hospital by giving them a way to keep their minds and fingers busy, whilst also giving them a talking point to ease the introduction to new faces.

Given out by NHS staff, each patient is allowed to take their fiddle mitt home with them, to use in day-to-day life as well as for any future hospital visits. I think it’s lovely that they get to keep them, but it does mean the NHS will need a constant supply!

The article on the NHS website Calling all Knitters has a link to their free pattern for the fiddle mitt. It’s super easy to follow and I would urge you all to check it out!

I’ve used these mitts to use up scrap wool left over from other projects, as well as trying out different stitch types, and getting back into using circular needles after what feels like an age! Though not the most beautiful or elegant creations, they are fun and engaging – which is their purpose.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this campaign project, and see any of your creations!

Victoria x

Here are a few different ones I made:




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